The FESTIVAL OF LIGHT is an international consortium of photography festivals that share ideas and insights on a global scale



The Festival of Light facilitates three major goals:

• To collaborate between the member festivals in order to promote each other.

• To facilitate sponsorship through internationally-recognized credibility.

• To become a cultural force to promote quality photography and photo projects worldwide.

FOL is seeking new members!


– Must have completed at least two consecutive festival seasons.

– Programming must indicate a commitment to creating and presenting international exhibitions, as well    as exhibitions dedicated to local & regional photographers.

– Programs must be of high quality

– The majority of the festival’s programs should be designed to serve the public (not just professional photographers).


  • A festival must be nominated by an existing FOL member with knowledge and experience of the nominated festival
  • The existing FOL member will introduce the nominated festival at the annual meeting. After meeting the nominated festival, FOL members will vote to accept the member, or recommend steps to be taken before considering membership the next year.
  • Once accepted, members must pay their share of FOL annual dues of $50 USD