Lucca, Italy
Photolux Festival / International Biennial of Photography

Next: Nov 16 - Dec 8, 2019

Enrico Stefanelli
Artistic Director


Photolux Festival / International Biennial of Photography
via Guidiccioni 188, 55100 Lucca, ITALY
+39 0583 53003

Photolux Festival is the International Biennial of Photography that takes place in Lucca since 2011: over three weeks the festival animates the fascinating historical centre with several events such as portfolios lectures, workshops, seminars, projections, awards.

The Festival has started in 2005 as a photography and video art festival with the name of Lucca Photo Fest. In 2012, aiming to improving the quality, it has been turned into a biennial event and changed the name to Photolux Festival (PHOTO LUcca eXhibitions).

Concept and goals remained the same: with its energetic and innovative outlook, PHOTOLUX aspires to be a crossroads of exchange for renowned masters, experts and photography lovers, while also shedding light on new and emerging talents, as well as cutting edge artistic practices.

Though young, the event has become one of the most interesting in the European panorama in terms of exhibitions' quality and authors' selection and in terms of organization too. The substantial presence of experts and journalists of international level and the consent from critics, press and public, confirm that Lucca can be considered as one of the photographic art's benchmarks in Italy and Europe.

In the past edition Photolux Festival presented the works of some of the most important international photographers and engaged positive synergies in order to get or even produce exhibitions with many important institutions, photo agencies and galleries all around the world.

Photos by Joshua Kercher Jara, Martina Melchionno, Naima Savioli & Pietro Viti


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